Thirty six coaches have been inducted into the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association Hall of Fame.  Every other year the GFCA Executive Committee and Hall of Fame members induct new members in the hall.   

To be eligible for our Hall of Fame, coaches must have coached in Georgia for at least five (5) years.   The coach will have promoted interest not only through the strength of their program, but also through the Association itself.  The coach will have demonstrated that speech and debate is the ultimate tool for education and communication.  

Class of 1994

Chester Gibson, West Georgia
Thomas Glenn Pelham, Emory
Sandra W. Silvers, Calhoun

Class of 1995

Martha Dye, Lee County
Jackson Farabee, Baldwin
Ted Wolf, North Springs

Class of 1996

Elizabeth Hall-Vickery, Hart Co.
Bruce Rogers, Northside
Paul Slappey, Iowa

Class of 1997

Charles Clark, North Springs
Mickey Foreman, Americus

Class of 1998

George Mengert, Pace 
Paula Nettles, Woodward 
Melissa Maxcy Wade, Emory

Class of 1999

Eric Brannen, Westminster
Ted Carter, Calhoun
Gail Ingram, Lakeview Academy
Philip Wertz, Thomas County

Class of 2000

Betty Maddox, Emory
Larry Moss, Therrell
Carlton Thomas, Calhoun

Class of 2001

Richard Bracknell, Carrollton
Rich Edwards, Baylor
Leslie Watkins, Brookwood

Class of 2002

Chris Wheatley, Pace Academy

Class of 2003

Sarah Finger, Gwinnett County

Class of 2004

Helen McClellan, Bremen

Class of 2006

Anne Duke, Glynn Academy

Class of 2007

John McClellan, Warner Robins
Lisa Willoughby, Grady

Class of 2010

Charles Heywood, Lakeside
Lenalee Robinson, Lincoln Co.

Class of 2011

Jim Wade, Milton

Class of 2013

Jenny Heidt, Westminster
Steven Stein, Chattahoochee
Bill Swafford, Lee County

Class of 2015

Ned Granville, Roswell
Mario Herrera, Henry W. Grady
Frank Hjort, Valdosta
James Holt, Mcintosh County/NCFL
Adam Smiley, Alpharetta

Class of 2017

Greg Myrberg, Westminster
Frank Seaver, Woodward

Class of 2019

Greg Myrberg, Westminster
Frank Seaver, Woodward