Every other year, the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association accepts nominations for the Hall of Fame.  Recipients are then voted on by the Executive Committee and Hall of Fame members.  Nominees must receive 75% of the vote (abstentions do not count against the nominee) for induction.

 Recipients are selected based on the following criteria, but not limited to:

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  1. The candidate is in good standing with the GFCA.
  2. The candidate demonstrates enthusiasm for forensic activities.
  3. The candidate has a high regard and respect for the students s/he works with.
  4. The candidate has a high regard and respect for fellow coaches.
  5. The candidate works towards the improvement of the GFCA and forensic activities in Georgia.
  6. The candidate promotes interest in interscholastic forensic activities through the strength of her/his program.
  7. The candidate has acquired the respect of the students s/he works with as well as other students in the community.
  8. The candidate has worked to foster the growth of forensic activities in Georgia.
  9. The candidate has promoted speech and debate outside of the forensic community in Georgia as an effective educational and communicative tool.
  10. The candidate has coached in Georgia for at least five (5) years.
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