In 2003, under the leadership of Richard Bracknell, the GFCA became the first state organization to adopt an evidence packet for use in all novice policy debate rounds. The evidence packet was designed to equalize the playing field and provide new programs and new coaches educational resources that could bring them success in policy debate. Today, the National Debate Coaches Association creates a national novice packet that we utilize.  With the help of Maggie Berthiaume, the GFCA has a modified packet below.

The packet is a great reminder of how the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association, and more specifically -- our debate teachers and coaches -- has been on the leading edge of speech and debate education for the past twelve years. 

The 2018-19 Packet is available for download here:

This Packet will be used at all GFCA sanctioned tournaments. These files are updated from the NDCA Packet. Please use these files, not the NDCA files.

Please note: Any additional arguments released by the NDCA not listed below may only be added by a vote of the GFCA membership.

Because the Word documents were created using a template, they will not paginate consistently across computers. If you are using the files paperlessly, they were created and formatted using the Verbatim template.

Rollout Schedule 

Start of Season

-          Open Borders Affirmative/Negative

-          High-Skilled Immigration Affirmative/Negative

-          Gender Asylum Affirmative/Negative

-          Wages DA

-          Overpopulation DA

-          Trump Base DA


October 1st (Starting at Grovetown)

-          Temporary CP

-          Topicality "Legal Immigration" vs. Gender Asylum


January 1st (Starting at Jackson)

-          Capitalism Kritik

The Novice Packet has become a truly awesome resource for development of new debate programs across the state.
— Donnie Hatton, Northside High School '05

Novice Policy Debate Rules

Our rules are adopted annually so that we can adjust for trends in policy debate. The following rules were adopted on August 25, 2018 for 2018-2019.

General Rules

1. Novice students may not modify the plan texts.

2. Novice students will be allowed to update arguments on their own so long as the content of the argument does not change. If any major argument becomes non-unique the GFCA Executive Committee will release a new argument to take its place.

3. Novice students may rearrange the organization of evidence and modify tags, underlining, and highlighting, but they may not add new arguments and/or change the content of the arguments in the packet. Students may also find new evidence to support existing packet arguments but not change the fundamental intent of the argument. In general, if an argument involves β€œone card from this file, and one card from that file,” etc., it is not allowed.

4. Novice students are limited to the list of theory arguments included in the packet files.

5. Novice students may not modify counterplan and Kritik alternative texts.