The GFCA gives a Principal of the Year Award.  The Principal’s Award recognizes a current member school principal or headmaster that has supported speech and debate and its development at their school.

The Principal will be selected based on the following criteria, but not limited to:

  1. Encourage speech and debate education through active support of curricular and/or co-curricular programming.
  2. Foster cooperation between the speech and debate program and the rest of the school, showcasing students and their achievements with other administrators, school board members, and the community at-large.
  3. Lead a continuing dialogue with students, parents, faculty, and staff members to sustain and grow speech and debate participation.
  4. Encourage team spirit and play an active role in the speech and debate program.
  5. Demonstrate leadership and exemplify committed support to the speech and debate program’s livelihood.
  6.  Advocate for speech and debate activities among other principals and the community at-large.
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Nominated Administrator
Nominated Administrator
Would the administrator be able to be present at the Varsity State Tournament if selected?